Founded in 2012 out of the passion of designer Yeşim Arslanbek and her sister architect Mine Arslanbek, Crysellas is a dynamic, original jewelry brand in Istanbul. Crysellas offers sophisticated and versatile designs for the modern woman. All creations are handmade in Istanbul, with the exquisite attention to detail that is Crysellas’ signature.

The seeds of Crysellas were planted in Yeşim’s Dubai home in 2009 when she came back from a trip to her hometown Istanbul with a hand full of colorful stones, an interest she fostered from her childhood years when she was first introduced to the beauty of gem stones in the Grand Bazaar. Armed with a natural eye for design and a passion for stones and colors, Yeşim set about establishing her own distinctive style and vision of the brand’s creations.

“First of all, I wanted to create beautiful jewelry for myself and then my passion led me to dream about creating jewelry for the stylish women of the world. Because I love the sparkle of diamonds, we only use high grade good quality ones in our designs. My purpose is to adorn women and make them glamorous every day, whether in their jeans or at a cocktail party.”

After moving back to her hometown Istanbul, Yeşim first completed one-on-one apprenticeship courses on various aspects of the jewelry making process from skilled craftsmen in the Grand Bazaar area. She then launched the Crysellas brand initially consisting of only the Bijoux collection using semi-precious and natural stones combined with brass and gold plated silver. Subsequent to earning her diploma as a Diamond Grading Expert at the HRD Antwerp, Yeşim launched the Crysellas Premiere collection in 2014, followed by the Forget Me Not and There is No Evil collections, which quickly became the brand’s renowned bestsellers.

Although her input in the design and sales activities processes were invaluable from the beginning, the company’s co-founder architect Mine Arslanbek took on a more active role within the brand after becoming the Chief Production Officer in 2015. As a 2002 graduate of the renowned architectural school of University of Virginia, Mine brought to the brand her eye for architectural textures, fascination for creativity and design, as well as her vast knowledge of the manufacturing process in Istanbul.

“I love architecture, arts and poetry. My inspirations from the geometric forms and lines of architecture reflect in my designs in a rather contemporary aspect. Each jewel I design reflects my passion”, says Mine.

Yeşim finds her inspiration from nature, her travels and colors while Mine interprets the Orient's exotic shapes, modern and classical architecture, arts and literature into a unique style.

Both timeless and original, each Crysellas piece is made to complement your natural elegance.